A watch that looks like you.

Infinitely customizable! Watches, straps and charms are all interchangeable to meet your desires, emotions and styles.

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It has lots of "charms", as you do.

Transform your watch into a piece of jewlery with charms that suit your personality or your mood. Feel free to suggest us your ideas for new charms.

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You change. Your watch too.

Choose your watch and combine it with the strap that drives you. Our braided straps are extendable, interchangeable, washable and absolutely comfortable to wear. Monochromatic or multicoloured, casual or trendy, bracelets allow you to change your style without any limit.

It awaits for you.

All the watches. All the straps. All the charms. All the styles.

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Live and share to the world your life with your customized watch Tweed Co

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